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April 22, 2022

A new TV commercial will be aired from April 23 on the program "“One’s way”-Seekers of" Knowledge "-" provided by Teikyo University.

Teikyo University (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihito OKINAGA Yoshihito) will start a full-scale documentary program "“One’s way”-Seekers of" Knowledge "" from 23:00 on Saturday, April 23, 2022. A new TV commercial will be aired inside.
In a society where all changes are accelerating and the future is uncertain, we want to be a university that supports each student who takes an important step in his life while holding anxiety and hope in his heart. With that in mind, Teikyo University welcomes students who can't find what they want to do, and draws a reverse-rotating film of a student finding his or her own way of life through college life and growing up. increase. This movie conveys the thoughts of Teikyo University, which conducts school education that contributes to the growth of students who will create a new era, with "Practical learning," "International perspectives" and "Open mindedness" as their educational objectives. Please take a look.

Program introduction

Program title: "“One’s way”-Seekers of" knowledge "-"
BS Asahi Broadcast every Saturday from 23:00 to 23:30

A documentary program that is closely related to those who are willing to pursue “One’s way”. There are many people in the world, such as researchers, artists, athletes, comedians, etc., who devote themselves to exploring something. When the flower of the quest blooms, the results of the quest will be seen by many people, but even at this moment, many people are living hard and harsh days of quest. And there are a lot of passionate feelings that we don't usually see. This program introduces people who pursue aspirational quests as the main characters every time. From prominent figures to those who have never been exposed to the sun, this is a program that covers the "hot quest" and its "style".
In the broadcast on April 23, Yuko Anita, a popular dumpling shop and preserved food researcher, who was also published in the Michelin Guide. In the broadcast on April 30, we will approach the style of Associate Professor Masaaki Kawamura of the Faculty of Faculty of Science and Engineering and Technology of our university, who developed a microsatellite with students and launched it into space last November. People who have the ambition to explore “One’s way”. Please look forward to the new program "“One’s way”-Seekers of" Knowledge "-" that approaches the "zest for life".

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