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September 15, 2021

We held an exchange cafe time "LGBTQ x University" with all faculty members

On Wednesday, September 8, 2021, all faculty and staff members held an exchange cafe time "LGBTQ x University" online. Under the auspices of the Teikyo University Support Center for Women Physicians and Researchers, this event will deepen the understanding of LGBTQ by sharing information and experiences related to LGBTQ among participants, and create an environment where everyone can easily learn and work. The purpose is to do.

On the day of the event, a total of 18 faculty members from the Itabashi, Hachioji, and Utsunomiya campuses participated and discussed a wide range of issues such as problems with facilities such as toilets, problems with coming out *, and enhanced counseling for students. .. In the discussion, it was shared that it is important to prepare facilities and responses in advance rather than waiting for requests from the parties concerned, and that issues related to LGBTQ are linked to the broader issue of "diversity". I did. There was also an opinion that LGBTQ-related issues are gradually becoming more familiar to students, and the difference in consciousness with the faculty and staff generation was also talked about.

By connecting multiple campuses online this time, different issues emerged depending on the campus and faculty department, even within the same university, and it became a place for information and opinion exchange across liberal arts and sciences unique to general universities. rice field.

  • * Here, people with sexual minorities confess their gender identity and sexual orientation.

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