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August 20, 2021

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Itabashi Campus Hachioji Campus Utsunomiya Campus Fukuoka CampusSummer Open Campus

From Saturday, August 7th to Wednesday, August 11th, 2021, a summer open campus was held at four campuses: Teikyo University Itabashi Campus, Hachioji Campus, Utsunomiya Campus, and Fukuoka Campus. In addition, at the Hachioji Campus, we delivered LIVE on YouTube for university entrance examination briefings and student talk shows. Many people participated in the area where it was extremely hot on the day.

Participants participated in their pre-booked programs and actively asked questions about entrance exams and curriculum. In addition, during the campus tour, we were able to see staff students and participants having a friendly conversation about university life while visiting each facility.
Participants commented, "I was very happy that the students guided me with a smile. They kindly taught me when I got lost on campus." "Details of the curriculum through individual consultation. I asked. I'm glad I came to know that I can study the field I want to study at Teikyo University. "" By actually observing the facilities, I was able to imagine university life. On a bright campus. I thought it would be fun to go there. "" I thought it was fresh and nice to see the sea. I felt that the facilities were well-equipped and the atmosphere was very good. "

Teikyo University will continue to hold open campuses, individual consultations, and entrance examination briefings. Please join us.

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