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July 02, 2021

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Hachioji CampusGraduate School Graduate School of Liberal Arts Division of Clinical Psychology Information Sessions and Individual Consultations

For students who wish to enter the 2022 academic year, Teikyo University Graduate SchoolGraduate School of Liberal Arts We will hold briefing sessions and individual consultation sessions for Division of Clinical Psychology.
Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please refer to the following to apply.

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Date and time

July 11th (Sun), August 9th (Monday / holiday), 2021 13: 00-15: 00 Complete reservation system * 12: 30 Acceptance starts


As soon as the first 40 people are reached, the application will be closed before the deadline.

How to apply

Please register from the application page below. Application deadline: The day before each schedule
Click here for the application page

[Notes on application]

  • * Participation application must be made by the person who participates.
  • * The maximum number of participants is two, including the applicant and one attendant (guardian, etc.).
  • * Only those who have applied can visit the school.
  • * If you wish to visit the school with friends, you need to make a reservation for each individual.
  • * Please note that you can only participate in reserved programs.
  • * You can freely tour the campus during the staying hours other than the reservation program.
  • * Please note that the number of people who can participate in each program is limited, so you cannot participate in programs that cannot be reserved even on the day of the event.
  • * As soon as the reservation is full, the reception will be closed before the application period.


Teikyo University Hachioji Campus Solatio Square
Transportation access to Hachioji Campus

Implementation content

Explanation of Division of Clinical Psychology (classes, practical training, master's thesis, etc.)
Distribution of guidebooks, application forms, entrance examination guidelines, Previous test papers, etc.
Individual consultation with faculty members, let's hear from Graduate School! (Free talk by Graduate School), training facility tour

Request for participation on the day (Notes on preventive measures against new coronavirus infection)

  • We recommend that you install and set up the new coronavirus contact confirmation app (abbreviation: COCOA) announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on your smartphone. By using this app, you can record contact with people on your smartphone for 2 weeks and receive notifications if you contact a potentially infected individual within the last 2 weeks. increase. We ask for your cooperation as it will help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and protect the health of yourself, your family and those around you. Please note that receiving the notification does not mean that you are a close contact immediately.
  • Please measure the temperature and use the "health observation record" etc. to check if there is any change in your physical condition. Also, please refrain from attending if you have any concerns about your physical condition such as fever on the day of the briefing session.
  • From the viewpoint of ensuring safety, there is no guidance staff on the day of the station. Assuming that you will be taking an examination or living in a university, please check the transportation access and commuting time to the university in advance before you come to the venue.
  • Participants are requested to take measures to prevent infection by themselves, such as wearing masks and refraining from talking on the premises and on the bus from each station when visiting.
  • You cannot drive into the university campus. Please use the public transportation.
  • Thank you for your cooperation in temperature measurement at the reception. * You cannot enter the museum if the temperature is above 37.5 degrees.
  • When entering or leaving the venue or classroom, disinfect your hands and fingers with the provided disinfectant. 
  • Please understand that faculty members and student staff will also wear masks and face guards to guide you in consideration of infection prevention.
  • Please refrain from talking loudly on the campus, including breaks.
  • To prevent the spread of infection, avoid "three cs" and act with social distance in mind.
  • Please participate according to the staff's instructions on the day.
  • If you are identified as having a new coronavirus infection or a close contact within 2 weeks after attending the briefing session, please contact the Teikyo University Hachioji Campus Public Relations Group. (TEL: 0120-508-739)


Teikyo University Hachioji Campus Public Relations Group
TEL: 0120-508-739

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