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You will be able to convey what you want to convey in Japanese

Even if you don't understand Japanese very well at first, the curriculum is designed so that you can definitely improve by accumulating daily learning. The one-year class will not only improve your listening skills and you will be able to say what you want to convey, but you will also reach a level where you can understand university and Graduate School classes.

Features of the The Japanese Language Course

1. A variety of off-campus learning
Through off-campus learning, you can increase your knowledge of Japanese culture, life, and economic activities.
[Main off-campus learning areas] Suntory Musashino Brewery, Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Ghibli Museum, Tachikawa Disaster Prevention Center, Takahata Fudoson, etc.

2. There is a preferential treatment system for admission to Teikyo University
For students who wish to go on to Teikyo University after studying in the Japanese Language Course, there are preferential treatments such as payment reduction and exemption.

3. Guidance according to career paths
We offer classes according to the career paths and purpose of each student, such as going on to university or graduate school. Classes are held in small groups and detailed guidance is available. In addition to guidance on essays and interviews required for university entry, the course also provides university applicants with a series of research processes, such as discussing research topics and writing a research proposal.

4. Study on the same campus as college students
There are universities and junior colleges on the premises, and you can use the same facilities as university students, such as the library and student cafeteria. Also, at Teikyo University, where many students attend, you can immediately use the Japanese you have learned to interact with Japanese students.

Period of study and class period

Period of study: 1 year
Class period: April 1st-March 31st, every year

Course of graduates

After completing the course, students are proceeding to the next step, such as university and graduate school.

Students who have completed the Japanese Language Course are deepening their learning by utilizing the Japanese language they have acquired at our university, our graduate school, other universities, and vocational schools.

Career after completing the Japanese Language Course 

■ 2017
Going to university, getting a job in Japan, returning to country, etc.


Frequently asked questions about the Japanese Language Course, such as student dormitories, timetables, living expenses, and career paths after completion, and answers to them are posted.

Answer to the question

Are there student dormitory available?

There is an international dormitory where international students and Japanese students live together. The lounge and kitchen are shared, but the living space is a private room, so a private space is secured.

What is the timetable for the week?

Classes are available from Monday to Friday. Class time is 90 minutes per class. The timetable varies depending on the day of the week.

Can I use the computer freely?

After completing the procedure, you can browse the Internet at the library (MELIC). It is used by many international students.

What are the career path after completing the Japanese Language Course?

Students are enrolled in an undergraduate department, a group school, or another university. As career guidance, we provide career counseling, composition guidance, mock tests, interview guidance, application guidance, etc.

Are there any scholarships or exemptions?

There is a reduction / exemption system for payments and admission fees depending on the grades when entering the undergraduate school.