Organization / Member
Organization / Member

Organization / system diagram

Teikyo Academic Research Center Organization Chart

Project management department

We support all kinds of business related to project planning and management such as protocol creation, research system construction, research project progress management, secretariat work, contract / fund management, etc., and support planning in development and pharmaceutical strategy.

Data science department

Consulting on research design, data management, statistical analysis, and monitoring. In addition, we are in charge of support work related to case report and data management system design and construction, research data management, statistical analysis, monitoring, etc.

Reliability Assurance Department

We advise on test plans from the perspective of ensuring research reliability, and conduct system audits and test audits as necessary.


Head of Center
Tamio Teramoto (Specially Appointed Professor, Department of Clinical Research, School of Medicine)

Deputy Head of Center
Takeo Fukagawa (Professor, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine)

Standing member of the decision-making council
Masafumi Kawamura (Director of the Faculty of School of Medicine)
Naoto Oku (Director, Faculty of Pharma-Science)
Hajime Takikawa (Director, Faculty of Medical Technology)
Yoshiharu Fukuda (Dean, Faculty of Public Health)
Takayoshi Okubo (Chairman of the Institutional Review Board)
Takeo Fukagawa (Director, Clinical Trials and Clinical Trials Head of Center)
Takao Yamori (Professor, Clinical Research Center)
Ken Koutsuma (Chairman of the Clinical Trial Review Committee)
Koji Aoyama (Professor, Department of Pharmacology)
Kazuhiro Ohwaki (Professor, Graduate School of Public Health)
Hirotaka Kawano (Chief Professor of Orthopedic Surgery)
Kazuhisa Tsukamoto (Chief Professor of Internal Medicine)
Hotaka Nakanishi (Director, Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Head of Center)
Non-executive committee member
Toshio Nakaki (Department of Judo Therapy)
Satoshi Miyata (Professor, Graduate School of Public Health)
Yusuke Takagi (Senior Assistant Professor, Palliative Medicine Course)
Asuka Suzuki (Senior Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public Health)
Yuko Toda (Senior Assistant Professor, Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Center)
Masaaki Nishitani (CCRT Secretariat)
Kiyoko Uno (Associate Professor, Clinical Research Center)
Makoto Yokobori (Research Fellow, Clinical Research Center)
Tetsuji Kaneko (Research Fellow, Clinical Research Center)
Ai Nishitani (Assistant Professor, Clinical Research Center)
Manabu Hibiya (Teaching Associate, Clinical Research Center)
Aki Takahashi (Researcher, Clinical Research Center)
Kazue Murata (Clinical Research Medicine Course)
Hiroyuki Matsuda (Industrial Environmental Health Center)
Kisumi Kitayama (Industrial Environmental Health Center)

(As of June 2022)