Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology

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Shigeru Abe, Ph.D.

TIMM Director , Faculty of Medical Technology, Professor
E-mail: sabe@main.teikyo-u.ac.jp

Our motto is“The Research Institute opened to the world”. We are working and studying in Medical Mycology with many collaborators and students gathering from various areasin Japan and the world


Yayoi Nishiyama, Ph.D.

Professor, TIMM / Faculty of Medical Technology, Teikyo University
E-mail: ynishiya@main.teikyo-u.ac.jp

Research field
Medical Mycology、Microbiology、Ultrastructure、Electron Microscopy


Koichi Makimura, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, TIMM / Faculty of Medicine, Teikyo University
E-mail: makimura@main.teikyo-u.ac.jp

Research fields
Medical Mycology、Clinical Microbiology、Infectious Diseases、Occupational and Environmental Medicine、Space Medicine、Natural History


Tsuyoshi Yamada, Ph.D

Associate Professor, TIMM
E-mail: tsyamada@main.teikyo-u.ac.jp

Research field
Medical Mycology、Microbiology、Genetic Engineering


Kazumi Hayama

Research Associate, TIMM

Research theses
Oral food component treatment of experimental oral candidiasisin mice、Development of murine experimental model


Lecturer (Part-time)

内田 勝久、井上 重治、佐藤 一朗、久島 達也、丸山 奈保、鹿島 眞人、山本 哲郎、三ツ矢 正安、石原 由美子、石島 早苗