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Department of Business Administration’s students get honorable mention at Sports Policy for Japan 2016


The 6th “Sports Policy for Japan 2016” was held on October 29 to 30, 2016. At the convention, a total of 53 teams from 21 universities attended. Five teams joined from Teikyo University and a group from Katakami seminar (Department of Business Administration, Teikyo University) got an honorable mention.

Katakami seminar’s students made a presentation entitled” Measures and Policies to Increase the Number of Spectators for blind football (soccer): Promoting Diversity. Blind football is not so famous in Japan yet, therefore the students tried to find how they can build recognition of blind football by interviewing and giving a questionnaire to people. Also they proposed an original cheer style and cheer goods for blind football to catch people’s attention and make people wants to go to football matches.

They concluded that increasing the number of spectators and achieving name recognition for blind football leads to developing diversity.