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An International food event held at Hachioji Campus


Students from Thailand and Myanmar organized an International food event at Global Kitchen, Teikyo Language Commons(TeLaCo) (Teikyo University, Hachioji Campus) on November 10, 2016. In total, 20 students (including international students and Japanese students) joined this event and enjoying English conversations while cooking traditional Thai cuisine “Larb” and Myanmar styled Chicken Curry.

With the odor of spice and herbs, the atmosphere in the kitchen was as if it were in Southeast Asia. Though Japanese students seemed a little bit worried about the amount of spice international students liberally put in, every student loved the spicy and sour tastes. However, some international students said that the original cuisine is more strongly spiced, which they prefer more.

The students enjoyed their new experience, and one of the students remarked that even though they are not good at English, cooking together made them feel relaxed and encouraged them to speak English easily. Cooking together and enjoying food at same table helped lessen the distance between each student.