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Sightseeing bus tour for international students


The Center for Global Education (Teikyo University, Hachioji Campus) held a bus tour for international students from partner universities. This tour provided opportunities to discover typical Japanese fall activities. In total, 70 students (including the members of Tutors for International Students*) visited Yamanashi. The students experienced cooking Hoto noodles (The Yamanashi area’s traditional wide noodles), grape picking, and visited the Narusawa Mt. Fuji Museum and the Narusawa Ice Cave.

While cooking Hoto noodles, with some local folks assistance, the Japanese students and international students cooperated to knead dough. Though it seemed difficult for students to cut dough evenly, they enjoyed their original home-made Hoto noodles.

Most of the international students had never experienced grape picking before, therefore they were satisfied with their new experience and enjoyed the freshly picked grapes.

This event created various exchanges between Japanese and international students, as well as among international students from different countries, faculties and departments. This event was a good opportunity for international students to enrich their life in Japan.

*Tutors for International Students

Hachioji Campus student volunteers who support students from overseas. They support international students with their studies and daily life. Any student on the Hachioji Campus, regardless of their nationality, can apply to be a tutor for international studen