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A large-scale photovoltaic facility “Teikyo Smart Energy Center” is mostly completed.


Teikyo University is planning to install a large-scale photovoltaic facility, the “Teikyo Smart Energy Center”, in Yamanashi prefecture and Chiba prefecture.

In order to utilize recyclable energy in the field of education and research, the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Utsunomiya Campus already introduced solar power generators in April 2007, and has positively replaced a part of the electricity required there with new energy. Now we are going to install a large-scale photovoltaic facility outside the campus, to be called the “Teikyo Smart Energy Center”, aiming at full-scale application of recyclable energy.

The solar panels will be installed in an area of total app. 26,000 tsubo (≒8.595 ha) in Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi prefecture, and Sodegaura City and Kisarazu City of Chiba prefecture to output app. 6 megawatts of power (equivalent to residential solar energy for about 1500 households).

As photovoltaic power, its power output is estimated to be the nation’s highest level, and the largest output from a university-related power station in Japan. The construction is scheduled to begin in June of this year, Sodegaura plant and Kisarazu plant will begin operation in September, and the construction of Minami-Alps plant will be completed in December 2014.

This energy center will not only be beneficial for our education and research facilities, but also for our enterprising activities in academic-industrial alliance and inter-university collaboration.