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2014 Teikyo-Harvard Program


The Teikyo-Harvard Program, an initiative of the Graduate School of Public Health, was held on Sunday January 19, 2014 at the Itabashi Campus of Teikyo University.

Teikyo University has been staging joint seminars and symposiums together with Harvard University since 1993, and these provide a significant contribution to the public health debate in Japan. Every year the Graduate School of Public Health invites five Harvard University professors to speak on public health issues in Japan. The presentations are delivered in English and are attended by local students as well as students from the United States and Asia, thus creating a truly international learning environment.

An international symposium was held in conjunction with the presentations in 2014, where researchers from around the world described public health education in their countries. There were also speeches and a panel discussion on the importance of training public health experts to manage the health systems of the future.

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan threw the spotlight on public health, underlining the importance of emergency response systems as well as recovery and rehabilitation strategies. In this context, the work on public health being undertaken by Teikyo University is increasingly relevant and necessary at the domestic and the global level.